Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gates' man in L.A.

His title is Deputy Supt., but there's little doubt that Broad Fellow and Gates Foundation implant, John Deasy is running the show in L.A. Supt. Ramon Cortines can hardly be found in the latest controversy around the L.A. Times public ranking of individual teachers based solely on student test scores. Deasy is all over it.
During a presentation to the board, recently appointed Deputy Supt. John Deasy said the district would move quickly and planned by October to begin issuing confidential scores to employees that would be based on a "value-added" analysis of student scores on standardized tests. He also said the district would include value-added scores for schools on campus report cards that are issued to the public. (L.A. Times).

Here's my post about Deasy, after he he bailed out of Prince Georges County, Md. two years ago for a soft landing at Gates. I guess they felt he was ready to go back on the field. Most interestingly, they have the power to decide when and where.

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