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Friday, September 18, 2009

Whenever neocons say, "it's not about race..."

David Brooks ("It's not about race") says Jimmy Carter is wrong. There's absolutely no racism behind the New Confederacy Movement, Birthers, or T-Baggers who are attacking Obama. Brooks is certain of it. They're just fun-living "populists," he assures us. How does he know? He went jogging near the recent New Confederacy march on Washington and saw some white wing-nuts buying food from a stand at the nearby Black Family Reunion.

My take:
Whenever you hear the neocons saying, "it's not about race"--it's about race.

St. Cloud wants to test 'em in the womb
Kindergartners in three St. Cloud schools with growing minority populations will take math and reading tests this year to help the school district get a better handle on a success gap between white and minority students. (SCTimes.Com)

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  1. Josh Holland nails them (and CNN) on AlterNet http://www.alternet.org/blogs/politics/142724/cnn_wonders_whether_depictions_of_obama_as_african_witch_doctor_might_be_a_tiny_bit_racist/


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