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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"Not the time for Dewey"
Given the existing constraints of imposed instruction and the demand for orderly, acquiescent behavior, what can be done to modulate the rigid authoritarianism? This is not the historical moment to anticipate a resurgence of Dewey progressivism with its focus on harnessing student interests to an ever-evolving co-constructed curriculum. (Penn Prof. Joan Goodman, Edweek)
Obama, please visit Chi-Town
PRESIDENT OBAMA, your young people are dying in the streets of Chi-Town. Please stop by Chicago on your way back from Copenhagen (Sun-Times columnist, Stella Foster)
Civil rights leader, Newt
The odd couple of Gingrich and Sharpton found common ground in the concept that education is the new frontier on civil rights. (AP Wire)
Rhee's broom

The broom -- poised to sweep out the old, the failed, her employees -- has become convenient shorthand, a quick answer to the question I ask one D.C. schoolteacher after another: What makes you think Rhee doesn't respect teachers? (WaPo's Marc Fisher)

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