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Friday, September 11, 2009

Teach For Australia

Australia contracts with Teach for America. U.S. researchers, like ASU's David Berliner, ask: "What in the world are you thinking?"
The researchers also found that 69 per cent of TFA teachers had left by the end of their second year of teaching and 88 per cent had left by the end of their third year. That is, most TFA teachers do not stay in education long enough to make up for the damage they cause to their students during their first few years of teaching. (Sydney Morning Herald)
Busted for fraud

Remember Richard Gillman? Probably not. He's the former owner of Chicago's Republic Windows and Doors, the sight of last winter's plant takeover by workers. It was the first national response to corporate bailouts and drew praise from Pres. Obama.

Well Gillman, who tried to sneak the factory out from under his workers' noses and move it to Iowa, where he could set it up as a non-union operation, has been busted for fraud. He faces one count each of organizing a continuing financial crimes enterprise; mail fraud; money laundering; wire fraud; involvement in a financial crime conspiracy and a handful of other charges, the police official says. (Chi-Town Daily)

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  1. Hey Mike, fantastic website you have here. It is extremely informative and has some excellent content. It is nice to know that someone from Chicago cares more about Australian education then most Australians. TFA is under discussion on my blog an I would appreciate your informed contribution.


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