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Monday, September 28, 2009

In the mailbox

On Sunday, AOL had a story on Obama wanting kids to spend more time in school (it was in the Boston Globe today and I assume many other papers. On extending the day, AOL asked for thumbs up (40%) or thumbs down (45%), with144K respondents (non-random, of course). Of 142K who responded to the adjacent question, what do you think of Obama's education policy in general?, the response was poor 48%, fair 18%. Wonder what a real (randomized) survey would show on the latter question? Monty Neill, Ed.D.
Interim Executive Director


There is a brilliant small book just out by the incomparable Mike Rose called Why School? Published by the New Press it has garnered neither reviews nor much attention. This is a shame because it is an important argument against the controlling discourse strangling public education today. I write to urge each of you to get it, read it, spread the word among your networks, and if at all possible, review it!

Bill Ayers

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  1. Why School? is sitting here waiting for the read. When I am done, I will follow directions: spread the word and review it. Thanks Bill.


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