Thursday, September 24, 2009

Valuing educators as professionals

"Let's build a law that respects the honored, noble status of educators — who should be valued as skilled professionals rather than mere practitioners..." --Arne Duncan

Not on my watch, says Chicago schools chief Ron Huberman.

The word from inside CPS is that CEO Huberman is placing hidden video cameras in schools and central office to monitor teachers and staff.
"He's watching to see if anyone swipes in late or swipes out early," says one insider. "It's how he ran things at the Chicago Transit Authority. That's why everyone hated him over there. He doesn't treat people as professionals. Early swipe-outs should be a matter between the principal and faculty."
Word is that he's consolidating budget people from the various departments and is cleaning house of Arne Duncan's people. New schools/charters manager Josh Edelman went last week. Chief Ed Officer Barbara Eason-Watkins, will be next. He will replace most with Mayor Daley's people and his old team from over at CTA.

But don't worry about Edelman and Watkins. Both will most likely land on their feet with Duncan in D.C.


  1. Chicago continues to be the "city that works." For whom? That's another question. Here inside of CPS, we keep our heads low, wear OLYMPICS IN CHICAGO buttons, smile for the cameras.

  2. OMG--and Michael Scott is allowing this? Daley must feel that he can be king forever.


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