Monday, September 7, 2009

Look who's opposing President Obama's speech

It's none other than WaPo's Jay Mathews. He insists he's not agreeing with wing-nut Michelle Malkin (he describes her only as a "columnist") or Florida Limbaugh Party Chairman Jim Greer, who both claim that Obama's back-to-school speech is part of some socialistic plot to take over the country. And I believe him, sort of.

No, Mathews is much more reasonable. He only wants to stop Obama's speech from being played in schools because the 15-minute don't drop out message "will take up too much class time." It seems some teachers once told him that they don't like classroom interruptions.


  1. Someone should tell Jay that his very favorite charter chain, the KIPP schools, appears willing to spread Obama's socialist/commie/death panel "stay in school" message. Quote from KIPP principal in NC:
    "President Obama is saying all the things our kids are striving for here"

  2. If I had kids I wouldn't let them listen to Obama's message about working hard and staying in school either
    It goes against everything we've been taught all our lives


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