Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Reads

Charters need to change their ways

While Obama and Duncan keep calling for more and more charter schools, even threatening to cut funding for states that fail to lift their caps, it is clear that charters aren't doing much for the cause of equity and diversity. But they can, write Harvard researchers, Susan Eaton & Gina Chirichigno. (Education Week)

Duncan as "King Maker"
“They don’t have a balanced education program when they put so much emphasis on charter schools. I think they have latched onto charter schools as a magic solution, and it isn’t,” said Jack Jennings, president and CEO of the Center on Education Policy, an advocacy group for public schools. “I think they should focus on regular public schools. That’s where the majority of students are.” (
Some stim $$$ finally reaching Detroit

The Detroit Public Schools, one of the biggest local recipients of stimulus cash, is set to receive more than $148 million, and many local districts and charter schools are getting money as well. Another $80 million is headed to students at universities, colleges and vocational schools in the area, with Wayne State and University of Michigan-Dearborn students getting a lot of the money.

Another recipient, the Everest Institute, which trains dental assistants, massage therapists and medical administrative assistants, is expecting more than $9 million for student Pell Grants. Vocational schools like those training beauticians and barbers are also getting a chunk of the Pell Grant money. (Detroit News)

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