Monday, August 3, 2009

Vallas contracts with TFA while hundreds of teachers are pushed out

There was much blogger ado last week when USA Today's Greg Toppo wrote about Teach for America kids being brought in to Boston and North Carolina to replace laid-off veteran teachers. He could have just as easily been talking about New Orleans' Recovery District.

Student activists are leading the push for small schools in Philly

Meanwhile, the two student organizations that helped build momentum on the small schools issue, Philadelphia Student Union and Youth United for Change, continue to push for action on small high school conversions at West Philadelphia and Olney High Schools, respectively. The District is working to secure the land for construction of a new small-schools campus across the street from West. (The Notebook)

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  1. In NYC I'm told that while no new teachers can be hired that does not apply to TFA teachers, who can compete with otherwise excessed teachers.



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