Friday, August 28, 2009

Illinois Gov. won't sign the Soto bill

Senate Bill 363 would have put some limits on Chicago school closings. The bill, offered by Rep. Cynthia Soto, was supported by a wide array of teacher, parent, and community groups, including the Chicago Principals Association, Chicago Teachers Union, Designs for Change, Grand Boulevard Federation, and South Side United Local School Council Federation, was passed 53 to 0 in the Senate and 117 to 0 in the House. This despite intensive lobbying efforts by Mayor Daley and powerful business and real estate interests.

Why is Gov. Quinn vetoing the bill? He is afraid that in its current form, he and the Daley machine would not have control of a task force set up under 363 to monitor new school construction, school repairs and school closings.

According to an August 27th press release issued by Designs for Change:
"The Governor has hijacked a year-long Chicago school facility improvement campaign at the last minute, by stacking the Task Force and watering down its ability to come up with a strong fair policy. He has disappointed many who thought he was different from the typical Illinois politician."
Quinn then confirmed DFC's conclusion by also vetoing his own campaign ethics bill, passed in the wake of the pay-to-play arrest of former Governor Blogojevich.


  1. When I think that this is the local Democratic Party that has produced Barack Obama and Arne Duncan, it's downright scary.

  2. How is Governor Quinn any different from Blago? It seems to me Quinn is MORE corrupot than Blago. I look forward to the next election for governor.


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