Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicago's true Olympic spirit

Scott just helping his friends

In between appearances before the clout-gate grand jury, Chicago west-side developer and School Board President Michael Scott appeared to be using his connections to corral public park land he hopes will become a valuable Olympic Games site.

Scott was criticized back in 1990 for his insider connections when he left his job as the city's chief cable administrator to go work for a cable company. Earlier this year Scott used his position to force school principals to form plans to promote the Olympics.
Teachers and union officials said Scott's tactics were heavy-handed and they feared retaliation if they did not support Daley's quest for the Games.
But Daley claims that Scott isn't in it for the money. The facts are wrong," insisted Daley, possibly forgetting that facts are just facts.

Daley claims that Scott was "just helping out some friends." Good point Mr. Mayor. I mean, if a School Board prez/real-estate developer can't reach out and help his own friends, what's this world coming to?

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  1. How deep does this go in Chicago with this School Board prez Michael Scott. And Daley is really backing him up after all this? Seems like its just piling on and on the corruption within that model school system


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