Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feds raid more Philly charters

The schools are among five Philadelphia area charter schools that are part of a widening federal investigation into allegations of misspending public funds. While the feds had no comment, the state auditor general had complained that many charter schools have lack of controls or, for that matter, any oversight. (6ABC.Com)


  1. I agree there should be more controls over schools like these. It seems that there is very little oversight and you can not allow schools with public money the ability to reign free.

  2. I would say that I agree with new legislation which puts tighter controls on charter schools. It seems that since they receive public tax money then they should have tighter reigns. There should be more oversight, because this would equate to the 6th charter schools investigation in Philadelphia dealing with financial mismanagement.

  3. Anon & Anon,

    It's not just a matter of oversight. Charter schools were intended to be smaller pockets of innovation within the larger public school system. Instead they have been turned into an alternative, mainly privately managed system of schools--many even claiming to be private, not public. This business model of schooling, where bottom line considerations dominate, will only continue to produce more mismanagement and corruption.

  4. I have to agree with you on that matter. It seems that they originally were created to be alternatives but have become large. I would even say to large and have turned into businesses or even corporations where we all know it now becomes the money not the education. It is a shame because now all charters will be scrutinized because of the shameful few.


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