Friday, October 29, 2010

Sick 'em, Cujo

Joel Klein's hired attack dog, Natalie Ravitz has once again been sicked on Diane Ravitch. But it's a mismatch. The dog has rubber teeth. She claims Ravitch wants bad education because she doesn't believe "all kids can learn." Who does she expect to buy that argument besides her boss?  Her defense of value-added (it was invented by some Ivy League profs) falls flat.

I'm not sure why I'm even taking up space with that one. But Jose Vilson and Gary Stager have some good responses to the attack dog's Huffington Post.


  1. The Huffington Post took down two different comments I submitted today asking why they allowed a former TFA turned marketing shill use their site to promote her electronic gradebook company and bash teachers.

    I suggested that TFA is profiteering like Halliburton or Koch Industries. THAT comment posted at

    Just don't criticize the author OR The Huffington Post and your comment seems to pass muster.

  2. Yeah, criticizing the HuffPo is a no-no, but I definitely took issue with the author of the post mentioned above. Not only are some of the "education" bloggers really corporate stand-ins who've barely stepped into a classroom, but they're passing their messages off as heavily researched because they know few people might actually fact-check them.

    That's where people like me, you, and Gary take please in pointing things like this out.


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