Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Huberman: 'I'm outa here..."

Who will turn off the lights?

Yesterday-- a judge declared Huberman's mass firings of teachers illegal and headlines had him turning off the heat on Pilsen parents asking for a school library. Today--the Chicago schools CEO is running full speed towards the exit door. He's even elbowing his boss Mayor Daley out of the way so he can be first out of Dodge.

All this threatens to occur over a critical set of months when CPS traditionally devises its budget, prepares for state tests and decides which schools to close. It must tackle these tasks with an administrative staff decimated by budget cuts, teachers left disgruntled by cost-saving layoffs, and the specter of even worse budget woes next school year. (Sun-Times)

That leaves CPS without a CEO or a chief education officer, since Huberman never replaced the system's top educator, Barbara Eason-Watkins. She departed for Michigan City in June leaving Clark Street practically devoid of educators.

What's the rush? Elections coming up. Maybe he's wants to hook his cart to another horse. One question is, which manager from what city department can they bring over to take the job as a lame duck until February's mayoral elections? And how many other Huberman/Daley-appointed bureaucrats, transplanted from the CTA and the city payrolls, are headed out the door before the elections?

I guess they should have thought of these problems before they made CPS a wing of City Hall.


  1. Maybe they can drag Gery Chico back and get him out of the mayor's race.

  2. Let's see. Huberman already ran police emergency services, public transit, and school system. What's left for him to run? The Federal Reserve? Maybe the war in Afghanistan if Petraeus needs a break?


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