Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An alternative to the "Manifesto"

Okay, so I lied

I said I wouldn't post anything that had the word "Superman" in it. It was a rant and perhaps I was just having a super-bad day. But this letter, posted at the Answer Sheet, by Sacramento Supt. Jonathan P. Raymond is worth a read. It's introduced this way by Valerie Strauss:
Dated Oct. 7, the message portrays a vision of how to improve schools that is far different from the one presented in the “reform manifesto” signed by 16 school superintendents and chancellors -- including Washington D.C.'s Michelle Rhee and New York City's Joel Klein -- and published in The Washington Post. That document is large on rhetoric and empty of substance. Raymond’s vision is a whole lot clearer.
I agree.

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