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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Obama speaking in Cincinnati at Labor Day picnic:
"We remember that the rights and benefits we enjoy today were not simply handed out to America's working men and women. They had to be won."
Shantelle Steve

The Chicago honor student, was lauded in Obama's back-to-school speech. The Julian High School student is also a member of Chicago Youth Initiating Change, which sponsors the annual Social Justice Student Expo — and she recently raised criticisms of Renaissance 2010 with CPS chief Ron Huberman.
“We have to change schools without getting rid of all the teachers, because they are our support system.”
San Diego charters excluding or avoiding special ed students. Only 4.1percent at start-up schools:
"One principal tells me all the time, 'Wouldn't your son be better off in another school? One that can provide him with better services?'" said Patricia Rogers, a parent who has sued both the High Tech system and San Diego Unified over special education issues. "They're inviting you to leave."

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