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Friday, September 4, 2009

"The President is speaking. Don't let the children hear"

No more concessions, please

The dregs of the Republican Party, from Limbaugh, to Beck; from Malkin, to Palin, are frantic. They've got to keep their dwindling troops moving from battle to battle without time to think, (they must be reading Clausewitz) from death panels to Henry Louis Gates. And no wonder. Every time they shake a fist or show up with a gun on their hip, the Democrats either turn and run or else try unsuccessfully to coalesce with them.

This time it's the president's back-to-school speech. Obama is calling on kids to stay in school--an obvious "socialistic" ploy to indoctrinate our children in public Medrasaas or re-education camps, according to the tea-baggers.

I only hope that Obama doesn't make any more concessions to these whackos.


  1. What makes you fear the Republicans or Conservatives so much? Your anger toward Democrats is showing too...traditionally they (Democrats)are only strong when there are many against one, outnumbered Democrats always run...yet, you know this and still complain. A good Communist party member would have a better pedagogical philosophy for Democrats. You are in denial of your own shortcomings...learn to face each one individually and you will soften to those you wish to reach. You haven't many years left...enjoy them. Your anger is killing the message and you.

  2. Anon (if that is indeed your real name),

    What makes you think I "fear" Republicans or Conservatives? On the contrary, you guys seem to exist only for my amusement and fodder for my blog. you're even better than Bush. Funnier than farts in a space suit. Keep those one-liners coming, Beck, Palin, Rush and Coulter.

    Tell Beck, I loved that chart on the white board thing he does. You know, the one with all the arrows and circles linking Obama to the international commie conspiracy from hell. Reminds me of a line from Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant.

    Hey, Anon, you must have cracked up on the "killing grandma" health care bit.

    And as for your red-bating, c'mon Anon, that's so 1954. BTW, are you really Andrew McCarthy from the National Review? Come on Andrew. You can use your real name.

  3. He sure did make concessions. Changed his speech and got rid of Van Jones. What's next? Who's next?


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