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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr. Huberman's data

CPS is most certainly exaggerating its first-day attendance figures. That seems to be the consensus over at the City Room (see my comments there as well). Why? Are they that desperate for some good news, especially with the Olympic Games bid hanging in the balance?

Even if so, Mr. "Data-driven" Huberman needs to get figures straight. His estimated .4% increase in day-one attendance over last year, is a percent of a much smaller number. CPS enrollment is down to 408,000. That a net loss of about 7,000 kids. So even a small increase (1,600 kids) in day-one attendance doesn't even nearly make up for the number of students who have left the system. Looking at it another way, if only 100 kids were left in Chicago Public Schools and all 100 showed up on day-one, you might say there was a 10% jump in first-day attendance.

Sorry to poop the party.

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