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Friday, September 4, 2009

Chicago's at-risk hit list

Huberman's solution to gun violence

Chicago schools CEO Ron Huberman has taken data-driven reform to the next level. He has contracted consultants who claim, with a $30-million budget, they can predict through data-analysis, the 1,200 CPS students out of 430,000, who "will most likely be shot." If you are fortunate enough to make the most-likely-to-be-shot list, you become eligible for a personal "advocate,'' a social worker and a job in an attempt to "turn your life around." Schools will also get more and better trained security guards. Not from Wackenhut, I hope.

How this will save student lives exactly, former Chicago cop Huberman doesn't say. This is especially bewildering since all of the 290 school kids shot last year, were shot outside of school with most being unintended victims.

According to the Sun-Times,
Huberman also has identified 38 schools that have more safety problems than would be expected. Principals of those schools will be paired with the principals of schools with high safety ratings. They will write plans to bring a "culture of calm'' to their schools, using lessons from the safer schools.
Huberman never says what he intends to do about the hundreds of potential shooters needed to shoot the 1,200 MLTBS kids. Probably hire a different group of consultants for that one.

Oh, I almost forgot...
Huberman also expressed interest in the "Jesuit model'' in which schools are headed by a president instead of a principal with an administrative certificate.
Yeah, the Jesuit model. Why hadn't we thought of that earlier?

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