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Monday, September 14, 2009

A letter from the New Confederacy

Rep. Pence, recruiting an Armey

Has Indiana joined the New Confederacy? As I recall, Obama carried the state (obviously not all of it). Opinion-maker that I am, I just received a 13-page letter from Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) that rivals anything Dick Armey (most aptly named man in America) could have thought up down in Texas. All I could remember about Pence's views on public ed was that he led the struggle to have classroom prayers "during the war on terror" and came out against the teaching of evolution. On the more interesting side, Pence is also against mandated state testing and national standards.

His Dear Mike letter begins with a rant about Obama/socialism/govt-ratio
ned health care/etc... His appeal is underwritten by a group called Americans for Prosperity Foundation. The foundation is bankrolling a recruiting campaign for more "ground troops" and Pence's letter is full of military metaphors.

When they're not busy trying to privatize public education, Pence and the AFP Foundation are recruiting soldiers to join the "grassroots citizens army" from the ranks of small business owners, those he claims, who are being "punished for their success." He's appealing to "hardworking families who've played by the rules" as opposed to all those others, I suppose, who just lay around the house all day, collecting entitlements. Together, rich and poor alike are, according to Pence, "marching under the banner of free enterprise." They're "fighting and winning battles" against "big government." They're building "an army of citizens" to fight the liberals, the unions, environmentalists, and especially MoveOn.org.

Hey, Congressman Pence. Sorry about the postage (oh wait, it's taxpayer's postage), but you've got the wrong guy. I'm not joining your Dick Army.

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