Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where've you been?

I've been out in the schools these last two days, teaching in the evenings, and haven't had time to blog. I'm getting the cold-turkey shakes. So here's more.

My Chicago high school site visits with 26 Tennessee educators, were inspiring. Little Village High School, Ace Tech, Austin Poly, Roberto Clemente and Perspectives Charter visits all left me with hope and confidence that the small-schools movement still has a heart beat in the Windy City. Thanks to all those great teachers for that.


508 Chicago kids shot in just 16 months

That headline from Monday's Sun-Times still makes me shudder. Then, this morning's paper carried the news that Franco Avila, a 17-year-old Roosevelt High School senior became our 26th youngster shot to death so far this year.


Obama's speech at the US Hispanic Conference

It gets mixed reviews, as usual. Great on support for early childhood. His stimulus package could save thousands of teachers' jobs. His throw-away line on charters was a bone to the Republicrats within his own party. In a way, so was his call for rewarding excellent teachers, (who can oppose that?) though he never mentioned merit pay. It left room for all kinds of interpretations and left everyone right where they were.

Mathews loved it. That's scary.
So did NEA' Prez Van Roekel
Here's brother Fred's take.
Bracey, like Ravitch, thinks Obama = Bush on education. LOL!
Alfie Kohn is non-plused by merit pay.
The Fordham wing-nuts wish Obama would support D.C. vouchers.

The Latino audience loved Obama's speech--interrupted it time and time again with "Si se puede" chants and cheers.


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