Thursday, March 12, 2009

Push-back in Harlem

A proposal to close another neighborhood school and replace it with a charter school run by entrepreneur, Eva Moskowitz, drew fire at a meeting in Harlem Tuesday.
The crowd had gathered to discuss the city’s proposal to replace P.S. 194, an elementary school the city announced in December it plans to phase out, with a charter school founded by Eva Moskowitz. But they left late last night with no consensus on what to do next, aside from the resounding certainty that the move to add more charter schools to Harlem — which now has 24 charter schools, making it second only to New Orleans in market saturation — will not happen without a bitter fight. (Elizabeth Green at Gotham Schools)
Another Chicago guy is headed to D.C. to serve as Arne Duncan's adviser. It's IEA Director Jo Anderson, long considered a voice for school reform within the union, and a leader in efforts to unionize charter schools. Here's Fred Klonsky's take on Jo.

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