Friday, March 6, 2009


NYT's Elissa Gootman on NY Chancellor Joel Klein:
But among some of the state lawmakers who will determine the fate of the nation’s largest school system, Mr. Klein is reviled: as an arrogant outsider obsessed with accountability, a tone-deaf suit unwilling to consider parents’ views in what one politician called “a silencing of the lambs.”
Deborah Meier at Bridging Differences on so-called "21st Century Skills":
Human beings are going to create the 21st Century, not “fit into it”—I hope.
Steven Mufson at WaPo:
The price of a GE share, $6.66, was less than the cost of single compact fluorescent flood light bulb... And battered GM shares slid yesterday yet another 15 percent to $1.86, not quite enough to buy a gallon of gasoline

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