Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's to like in Murray's racist theories?

Racist ideologue, Charles "Bell Curve" Murray wants to replace the "equality premise" with his "human nature" theory. You know the one--some races are just biologically unsuited to intellectual work, child raising and the pursuit of higher learning and that those stuck in "menial" low-paying jobs and poor should be happy and greatful and not look to the government to restrict discrimination.

Murray takes obvious human genetic differences to the level of social theory--social Darwinism squared. But Murray's Bell Curve theories are no longer laughable. They are regaining respect in ownership society circles like the American Enterprise Institute, which just gave Murray the Irving Kristol Award (yuck!) Fordham Institute"school reformer", Mike Petrilli, says he used to be hostile to Murray's master race ideas, now finds "plenty to like."

In his AEI speech, Murray claims that differences in income and educational achievement are preordained by one's race and gender and refers to the 20th-century civil rights movement as "a nutty idea":
But groups of people will turn out to be different from each other, on average, and those differences will also produce group differences in outcomes in life, on average, that everyone knows are not the product of discrimination and inadequate government regulation.
Not "everyone" Mr. Murray. As we learned in November, there are still plenty of us who don't find "plenty to like" here.

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