Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Blogger Sherman Dorn:

It looks like a bunch of interested parties are starting to judge the Obama administration based on its appointments and early policy direction. And that's just fine. But when there's Fordham's Reform-a-meter, and Diane Ravitch proclaims Duncan's USDOE to be Bush's third term, I'll chime in with Fred Klonsky: judge people for what they do, but remember the context.

Frank Rich in NYT:

The good news for Obama is that he needn’t worry about the Republicans. They’re committing suicide.

Wanted—‘more failure’

Right-wing ed blogger Joanne Jacobs thinks there’s “not enough acknowledged failure” in our schools. I wonder how many more high school dropouts would be enough for Jacobs?

Billionaires for Educational Reform on KIPP unionizing:

It seems that some of the teachers at my favorite, reform, I mean “charter” school have been attempting to - I can barely say the word - unionize! What on earth can they be thinking? Don’t they realize what a poor example that would be for the children in their care?

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