Thursday, March 12, 2009

Smaller is better

If you need more evidence about the upside of small schools, check out ASCD's Inservice website ("High School Renewal: Big Success for San Diego's Small Schools").
After addressing the research supporting small schools, two principals of top-performing small schools discussed the challenges of dividing a comprehensive site into four autonomous sites and how they developed a team of teachers committed to students' needs.
NEA supports "reform"

It's hard to know what in the way of reform the NEA is supporting in its latest declaration. The nation's largest teachers union announced that it's lining up behind a high-profile December 2006 report, “Tough Choices or Tough Times.” But what exactly does the NEA leadership like in this hodgepodge of reform cliches? Is it the call to turn hundreds of public schools over to private management companies, including KIPP and Edison?

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