Monday, August 7, 2017


A setback for union organizing in the south. The struggle continues. 
Dennis Williams, U.A.W. president
“Perhaps recognizing they couldn’t keep their workers from joining our union based on the facts, Nissan and its anti-worker allies ran a vicious campaign against its own work force that was comprised of intense scare tactics, misinformation and intimidation.”  -- New York Times
Boyah J. Farah
I came to America as a refugee from Somalia. I know what happens when a group of people is labeled as a threat -- Salon
Andy Borowitz
The special counsel, Robert Mueller, just called Donald Trump to tell the President that he was “the most innocent person ever,” Trump told reporters on Thursday. -- New Yorker 

Sen Biss on Hitting Left
Candidate for governor, Sen. Daniel Biss
I support a complete moratorium on charters. The notion that we're opening charters and closing public schools is wrong-headed.  -- Hitting Left 
Pasi Sahlberg
The idea that Finland recruits the academically “best and brightest” to become teachers is a myth. In fact, the student cohort represents a diverse range of academic success, and deliberately so. -- Diane Ravitch Blog

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