Monday, December 5, 2016


Victory celebrations at Standing Rock. Struggle continues. 
Tom Goldtooth
“This isn’t our first rodeo with the forces of genocide,” said Goldtooth, a great-grandfather with long black braids sticking out from under the hooded sweatshirt ...Capitalism feeds on unlimited growth. It’s like this monster that’s always hungry and thirsty and devouring the earth. That’s what our message is here: We have to live in balance; otherwise we’re going to perish.” -- Voices from Standing Rock
Jim Peterson, leader of a delegation of more than 120 WA veterans
“There is a lot of praying, singing, dancing, fireworks; the camp right now is kind of a madhouse. There are so many people showing up, busloads, it’s mass confusion. But there is so much love.” -- Seattle Times
Energy Transfer Partners & Sunoco Statement
"Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way." -- Business Wire
Bonnie Glaser, senior adviser Center for Strategic and International Studies
 “My guess is that Trump himself doesn’t have clue...Having this mishap occur before he is president is better than having it occur after he is president. I expect Beijing to find a way to give him an education on Taiwan.”  -- China blasts 'petty' Taiwan call
Peter Cunningham, former aide to Arne Duncan
DeVos "has a lot of influence in the reform community. She is unequivocally a champion for choice."  - The Case for Betsy DeVos 

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  1. Nice how vouchers and privatization now flies under the flag of choice.


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