Monday, July 16, 2012


Jesse Sharkey, CTU vice-president
"We've said to our teachers that we want fair compensation. We've also said we want a better (school) day and we want to make sure class sizes don't spike. (Our members) know that we simply don't have a wage demand." -- Chicago Tribune
Jacky Grimshaw
“If he [Rahm] ignores the community, if he ignores the aldermen, if he continues to be driven by what comes out of his brain and those of his advisors to the exclusion of the community, that’s a problem for him. Then, it becomes a charade that you really don’t want public input.” -- Sun-Times, "Crime, schools and race all hound Rahm Emanuel"
Penny Pritzker
Jodi Kantor and Nicholas Confessore
"For Ms. Pritzker, her high-profile backing of Mr. Obama came at an unexpectedly bitter cost. Their relationship made her a punching bag for the labor movement, which targeted her for what union officials call exploitative practices toward housekeepers by the Hyatt hotels." -- NYT
Andy Spahn, Democratic consultant
“Donors have asked, ‘Where’s Penny?’ We have called her and not gotten callbacks.” -- NYT
"Mommy, I want to change," Shania said a week into the school year, according to her mother, Laynory Loaiza. "There are too many kids in my class, and when I try to talk to the teacher, she doesn't pay attention to me." -- Huffington

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