Monday, July 30, 2012


Dear Mike,

I’m here at the AFT convention in Detroit, and I wanted to share some exciting news.

Yesterday, delegates to the convention unanimously approved the resolution against high-stakes standardized testing.

It was a moving discussion on the floor of the convention. Teacher after teacher stood up with stories about how the fixation on high-stakes testing hurts their students and their ability to provide high-quality instruction. Now that the resolution has passed, we will be able to push back against a one-size-fits-all approach to education.

With organizations like Stand for Children and lobbying groups like Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst pushing their corporate-style education policy throughout the country, this resolution against high-stakes testing is critical to effectively fighting against the privatization of our public schools.

I know we can count on you for these fights, but we need to grow our ranks. Can you ask your friends to help us by joining our activist list?

To combat the hundreds of millions of dollars that anti-worker and anti-public school groups are spending to privatize our schools, we’re going to need all hands on deck.

Click here to ask your friends to join us in the fight.

In solidarity,

Asher Huey

American Federation of Teachers

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