Monday, June 4, 2012


Marquette Prof. John McAdams
If Walker survives, "even Democratic governors facing fiscal problems will be a little bit emboldened to take on public-sector unions." -- USA Today, "Recall targets Wis. Gov. Walker, reversal of union rights"
Cal State Chancellor Charles Reed
“We’re not replacing library books, we’re not providing the kinds of student services that we need to, we’re not providing the kind of health care that we need to. This is supposed to be our work force for the state. We go down this road and we’re looking at an ugly Russian winter for the economy.” -- NYT, "California Cuts Threaten the Status of Universities"
Michael Winerip, NYT
My concern is that the lists are stacked. Schools with the greatest challenges can appear to be the biggest failures. At a time when public education is so data-driven, that kind of thinking can cost dedicated teachers and principals their jobs.-- "In Lists of Best High Schools, Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Story"
Blogger Jonathan Kantrowitz
So, with little to no communication between Bridgeport’s superintendent of schools and the teachers that actually do the teaching, Vallas decided what text books to purchase... What was it that the Queen of Hearts said? Oh yeah…”Sentence first! Verdict afterwards.” Welcome to Paul Vallas’ Wonderland. Where he is working to do to Bridgeport what he did to Philadelphia. -- Paul Vallas - Fan of British Literature? CtNews Blogs

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  1. Where's Obama? Why hasn't he shown up in Wisconsin?


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