Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday thoughts: With Dems like these...

Who says we're broke? 
“We believe this will save the Medicaid program.” --Julie Hamos, director of the state Healthcare and Family Services department.
"We're not pulling back from service. In fact, we're giving more service to more people and we're adding a new benefit." -- Rahm Emanuel
I'm thinking that with IL Dems like thes who needs Walker?

Gov. Quinn just signed on to $1.6 billion in cuts to Medicaid. The cuts include termination of the Illinois Cares Rx prescription drug program for the low-income elderly and disabled and a $15 million-a-year program that provided nursing services to “medically fragile” children reliant on ventilators so they could remain in their homes rather than being moved full-time into hospitals.

I know, I'm not supposed to call them cuts. Since the Dems are doing it, they're "reforms." Like Julie Hamos says, we're actually "saving" Medicaid. In the mean time, those kids on the ventilators will just have to suck it up. It's like when Mayor Rahm closes the city's mental health clinics, he's not really closing them. He's actually providing "more services." Haven't you heard of the old saying, "less is more"?

I'm also thinking maybe it's about time for Reading, PA to appeal to India, China, Saudi Arabia, somebody (Haiti ??) for foreign aid so that the poorest city in the U.S. can afford to have public education for its children. 
The Republican-led legislature is debating a proposed budget from Gov. Tom Corbett (R) that would cut $100 million more from public K-12 education, and end a block grant program that funds kindergarten and small class sizes, according to Mike Crossey, the president of the Pennsylvania State Education Association. The budget also would also cut $30 million from early education and $18 million from childcare programs. -- Joy Resmovits at Huffington
Finally, as the weekend approaches, I'm thinking baseball. I'm also thinking how wonderful it is that Rahm has put aside his differences with the Cubs owners, the right-wing billionaire Ricketts family. Remember when old man Ricketts and his wing-nut super PAC proposed that $10 million racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright-Obama attack ad campaign? Rahm was livid -- wink, wink.  It turns out all is forgiven and the Rahm, will likely deliver millions in taxpayer dollars to renovate Wrigley Field in order to save the poor Ricketts family the expense. This on top of already huge tax breaks.

To top things off Rahm will also let the taxpayers build a new practice arena for the Bulls billionaire owner, Jerry Reinsdorf on top of his already existing tax benefits. The move, according to the Tribune, "could help fuel the continued gentrification of the Near West Side" and "change a prominent dynamic in the real estate market for North Shore mansions where many players have lived."

Who says, the city is broke?

Well actually, Rahm does. That's why the school workers in SEIU will receive only a 2% pay increase in their new contract along with an "escape clause" that allows the board to renege on future raises if the city "can't afford them."  I'll bet there's no such escape clause in Rahm's deal with the Cubs and Bulls.


  1. I'm a Chicago teacher. DNC called me for an election contribution a few days ago. I gave the caller quite an earful about how the Democrats, MY PARTY, including my mayor, governor, Il. Speaker, Sec. of Education, and President (whom I campaigned for and donated $500 in 2008) are ruining my profession, and potentially going to kill my livelihood resulting in my family losing middle class status. I said that you will get my vote, because I dont want a President Romney. But I also told the gentleman on the phone that I had better be removed from any list where I will be asked for money. I hope every teacher out there does the same when these people call. We should not give a dime to the Democrats.

  2. Dear Anon,
    I delivered the same exact message to a DNC caller with one difference. I told him I was not voting for Obama unless Duncan was fired and replaced with an education scholar.

    If we continue to allow the Democratic party to take our votes for granted they will never represent the interests of the 99%. It was in-your-face-activism that forced Obama to change positions on gay marriage and immigration reform. Albeit, the reforms are miniscule, they are a move in the right direction. The DNC understands that these groups are critical to the Democratic voting base. Teachers should teach the DNC a lesson in loyalty and should do so at the ballot box.

    Teachers not only have influence with our peers we have influence over our student's parents. Parents are our strongest allies and, once informed, will fight like tigers in their children's interests. Teachers interests are children's interests.


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