Monday, April 18, 2011


Students occupy Detroit school for pregnant girls
“I was scared at first but I’m not anymore,” Catherine Becker, senior at CFA, said while her child Da-Mire Simmons slept on the desk before her. “We’re staying here, and I’m staying.” -- The South End
Tiffany Baldwin
"Police came and they're like, 'You've got to go. You've got to go,' said Tiffany Baldwin. "We just stood there and they just arrested us one by one." -- FOX News
Nicole Conaway 
“We’ve done petitioning, we’ve done letter writing. This is the sit-in portion.” -- Metro Times Blog
Rahm says no to collective bargaining
“We’re not going to negotiate or discuss whether children get more instruction." --SunTimes
Where NCLB reformers went to school
"No longer did a person with a clipboard have to spend days observing a school to determine whether it was any good. Because of the law, it is now possible for an assistant secretary of education to be sitting in his Washington office and, by simply studying a spreadsheet for a few minutes, know exactly how a school in Juneau is performing."  -- Michael Winerip, NYT

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