Thursday, April 7, 2011


The chancellor from Hearst is gone

Chewing the de-formers up and spitting 'em out. Black fired. Klein runs to Murdoch. Rhee booted. Huberman flees. Umm ummm good! Send us more.
Black, who replaced former Schools Chancellor Joel Klein in January, has been plagued with fierce public opposition due to her lack of experience since Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced her appointment in November. In a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University less than three weeks ago, her approval rating was a dismal 17%, with nearly half of respondents saying they wished she would leave office. -- TIME


  1. Teacher in QueensApril 8, 2011 at 9:26 AM

    A good indicator of why Cathie Black was the miserable failure she was -- she blames "outsiders" for her 95-day (a national record?) tour of NYC schools. It shows how her view of the world and of the city's schools was shaped by Mayor Bloomberg. He used her as a hammer to beat on city teachers. He knew she was unqualified and them tossed her on the trash pile. Shame on her for taking the job in the first place. Shame on Bloomberg for his political manipulations.

  2. Then there's LaVonne Sheffield who just resigned yesterday from her position as superintendent of Rockford Public Schools (IL). She was pressured out by a community that despised her management style, and what she was doing to their schools.

    Oh yeah, she's a Broad superintendent (Class of 2002). Her previous position was superintendent of the Recovery School District, East Baton Rogue. Paul Vallas recommended her for the Rockford position.

    And, by the way, she was served with a defamation lawsuit yesterday, too. Like Maria Goodloe-Johnson who produced a similar response from the community in Seattle, Sheffield will soon be scrubbed from the Broad Foundation's website.!/pages/Wanting-a-Resignation-of-LaVonne-Sheffield/222207617791


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