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Thursday, June 11, 2009


From Ground Zero in L.A.
"There is a whole new generation of Latino teachers who are creating connections with their students, and we are being let go. The reality is that we need more teachers." (Teacher German Garrola, camping out in frot of LAUSD headquarters)
Duncan: 'Give pols cover'
A better alternative to the state-by-state approach, he says, is to “get away from each state doing its own thing. Let’s do one thing, and let’s hold ourselves accountable.” But raising the bar, he acknowledged, means “test scores are going to drop in some places precipitously. And what we have to do is we have to give those politicians cover for doing the right thing. So there is a real tricky balance that we have to work on here.” (CSMonitor) h/t Russo
The 'business model'
Performativity is forcing curriculum deliverers to focus on desired outputs among customers in managed learning environments (TimesOnLine).
Politics 'too hard' for Vallas

Paul Vallas on why he's not coming back to Chicago to run as a Republican for Cook County Board President: "I'm not going to be able to transition out of here and run....I've got too many things pending here," he said. "Our test scores took off here, but there's more to do. Politics would create too much of a hardship." (Carol Marin, Chicago News)

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