Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"No confidence" in mayoral control of L.A. schools

Duncan is threatening to withhold stim dollars from school districts that don't implement top-down mayoral control of the schools. But where's the research or evidence to support mayoral control everywhere? In L.A., mayoral control appears to be a big flop.
Eight out of 10 schools delivered a "no confidence" vote, and we're talking landslides (84 to 17 at Santee Education Complex, 96 to 13 at Stevenson Middle School, 70 to 13 at Gompers Middle School, 61 to 8 at Markham Middle School and 184 to 15 at Roosevelt High, which the mayor himself once attended). (L.A. Times, "Mayor getting schooled")
A taste for the exotic

Gov. Sanford (SC) attacked Obama and said he would refuse to accept stimulus dollars to keep schools open and save jobs in his state. Instead he went the er... Appalachian Trail, er.. I mean to Argentina to look for a "more exotic" stimulus package.

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