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Monday, June 1, 2009

Turn schools over to private charter operators "or else"

Stimulus or blackmail?

Arne Duncan is feeling powerful these days. After 9 years of "yes boss" on Mayor Daley's plantation, Duncan now finds himself with $15 billion in stimulus money in his back pocket and cash-starved schools in front of him. So he's trying to force school districts into accepting the Gingrich, Klein, Sharpton (EEP) model of reform--turning schools over to privately managed charter operators--or else.
"We want to reward those states that are willing to lead the country where we need to go and are willing to push this reform agenda very, very hard," Duncan told the AP... "And the states that don't have the stomach or the political will, unfortunately, they're going to lose out," Duncan said. (NewsObserver.com)
Yeah, that'll work.


  1. Scary. Thanks...

  2. I have long foreseen the collapse of such unstable song and dance programs. These types of program investments are big gambles and in a down economy you can lose millions as you see here. Programs like the ones Privateaircharterjets.com offers have no money down and all the same benifits of these rip offs.


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