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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Klein's charter invasion of Harlem

"Dictatorship with velvet gloves"

Some young bureaucrat from the city Education Department's Office of Portfolio Development arrives one day with a bunch of maps under his arm and promptly orders a new allocation of rooms. Boom. Done. All part of Klein's rush to create 100,000 new charter school seats over the next few years. Well, yesterday afternoon at Public School 123 in Harlem a bunch of angry parents staged a noisy protest against the charter invasion...Sadly, Bloomberg's style of mayoral control has become more like a dictatorship with velvet gloves (Juan Gonzalez, Daily News)

In an email, Leonie Haimson writes: "Except many of us do not see the velvet."

h/t Diane Ravitch, Leonie Haimson

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