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Monday, June 22, 2009

Big foundations cut staffs

African-Americans & women, first to go
She said 65 percent of the staff members receiving the severance offer were African-American, of whom 58 percent were women. Seven percent of the offers went to managers, Ms. Tellado said, adding that the discrepancy between that number and the figure offered by the critics could have come from different definitions of who is a manager.(NYT)
Is Duncan listening?

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke in Chicago Friday, pushing charter schools and mayoral control at a breakfast hosted by Advance Illinois. But Lane Tech High School junior Marvin Guitierrez, wants Duncan to pay attention to conditions outside, as well as inside the classroom. (Hit button above to listen to Marvin's response or go to WBEZ Chicago Public Radio).

Duncan then moved on the D.C. and spoke, along with buddies Joel Klein and Michelle Rhee, to the annual meeting of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Isn't it funny how they call themselves public charter schools when they aren't trying to stop their teachers from unionizing?

Duncan is obviously nervous about the latest wave of research findings, like the Stanford study, showing so many badly performing charters and that on average, charters are doing no better and often worse than the neighborhood schools they replace. Says Duncan:
“The charter movement is putting itself at risk by allowing too many second-rate and third-rate schools to exist.”

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  1. "urge charter leaders to become more active in weeding out bad apples in their movement" - NYT above

    You mean Arne wants to close MORE schools, the ones that he just opened after closing neighborhood schools? Does he realize students actually attend all these schools he wants to perpetually destroy, or is it just fun for him to move his "portfolios" around in his spreadsheet?


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