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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You're more likely to be eaten by a shark

A World Gone Mad

Each year an estimated 36,000 Americans , mostly the very old and very young, die from the regular flu--more a testimony to the lack of universal health care than anything else. But the great swine flu pandemic of 2009 mostly resembles the great shark scare of 2001 (4 humans killed by sharks each year in the world). So far there's been about 800 reported cases of swine flu world-wide and one (1) reported death from the swine flu outside of Mexico.

Yet, the politics of fear and social-isolation are running rampant and have panicked millions. Hundreds of schools in the U.S. have been closed even though for many inner-city and rural children, the school provides their only access to a nurse and front line medical treatment. Meanwhile, school nurse positions are being eliminated in hundreds of schools in low-income neighborhoods.

More madness

Mexico has been driven to the edge of economic ruin because of the U.S. de-facto economic blockade. There's been a run on useless face masks (hand-washing is the best prevention). Racism has gone viral, and the Limbaugh Party is the carrier of the disease.

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