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Friday, May 15, 2009

More on the bedfellows' White House visit

"Don't read too much into it..."

An Obama administration source cautioned not to read too much into Mayor Bloomberg's recent visit to the White House with New Gingrich and Al Sharpton, saying it was Sharpton, not the president himself, who wanted Bloomberg included. He also wanted his Education Equality Project partner, Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, to come along, too, "but Klein is apparently a bit too much of a lightning rod for criticism for the White House's taste these days."(Elizabeth Benjamin, The Daily Politics)

Duncan's new mantra

Mayoral control of the schools has become Arne Duncan's new mantra, his panacea for Detroit's failing school system. This, even though the former mayor is sitting in a jail cell. I'm not saying that mayoral control of Detroit's schools is necessarily a bad thing, but does this even begin to touch the real problems?

New media
The front page of a Chicago daily recently headlined these stories: A charter school facing closure, record turnouts for university elections, a poll showing that Chicagoans crave more openness in their government. It was a pretty robust report, but it wasn't in the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times, the major papers in town. In fact, it wasn't on paper at all, but in the Chi-Town Daily News, a small but growing online upstart that is trying to succeed with a relentlessly local focus. (Boston.com)

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