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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend reads

New study shows racism's impact on children's mental health
There is evidence that racial discrimination increases the odds that adolescents and adults will develop mental health problems, but this is the first study to examine a possible link in children of varied races, says Tumaini Coker, the study co-author and a RAND Corp. researcher and UCLA pediatrician. The study, which is published in the May American Journal of Public Health, involved more than 5,000 children in Birmingham, Ala., Houston and Los Angeles. (USA Today).
Question is, will Joel Klein and Co. dismiss this as just another "excuse"?

What schools can learn from the Apple store

  • The learning experience is highly personalized and focused on the interests and needs of the individual customer.
  • Customers can make mistakes with little risk of failure or embarrassment. Thinking and tinkering with the help of a staff member provide opportunities for deep learning.
  • Challenges are real and embedded in the customer's learning and work.
  • Assessment is built right into the learning, focusing specifically on what needs to be accomplished. (Elliot Washor at Huffington)
More on Gates, global heath investments

The editorial from the Medical Journal has some suggestions for the Gates Foundation that include funding for global health research to health systems in low-income countries, greater transparency, allying with and listening to others, and providing global health research monies that target areas where disease burden is the greatest. (Emax Health)

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