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Friday, May 22, 2009


Duncan loves mayoral control. But why?

Here's how things work in Chicago where Arne Duncan was a key part of the mayor's team and where the mayor runs the show, privatizing or selling off everything that's not nailed down, including the schools.
It's not the first time that LaVelle and Monterrey have cashed in on Daley's privatization frenzy. They also serve as subcontractors to the Spanish-Australian consortium that paid $1.83 billion to lease the Chicago Skyway for 99 years. (Fran Spielman, Sun-Times)

Hanging out with the hedge-fund school reformers

My takeaway from the event was that the innovation and entrepreneurship folks -- the Republican wing of the Democratic party -- feel really warm and fuzzy about all that's going on in Washington these days. Obama with his charter cap-lifting talk, Arne Duncan, who they consider one of theirs, and many of Duncan's hires, who come from the Gates/Broad/NewSchools world. And they're REALLY excited about the "Race To The Top" funding that is accompanying the stimulus -- it's like the federal government just dumped cash on top of all the Broad and Gates money that they already had. (Dist.299.com)
Why the blackout?

Brother Fred tweets, "Wonder why so many education bloggers ignored events in LA?" Interesting question. And asked in only 59 spaces. Maybe we can get some to explain their editorial decisions. Maybe it's that left-coast thing.

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