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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I wasn't invited

No, I wasn't even asked to give my suggestions when the most powerful philanthro-capitalists gathered in N.Y. May 5th for a secret meeting about the current global financial meltdown. All of my favorites were there, including, Bill, Oprah, Warren, Mike and Eli. According to one report, each billionaire was given 15 minutes to deliver a presentation on how they saw the future global economic climate, the future priorities for philanthropy, and what they felt the elite group should do. I'm glad I wasn't there. I mean, what can you say in 15 minutes?

Illinois Senate passes school-closing bill 53-0-5

They passed a modified version of Cynthia Soto's bill that creates a Chicago Education Facilities Task Force to review the city’s school closing and construction policies and recommend new rules to govern facility decisions by Chicago Public Schools leaders. The vote was a real blow to CPS chief Huberman and Mayor Daley who each sent troops to Springfield to lobby against the bill. Don Moore, one of the bill’s architects and executive director of Designs for Change, said he expects the House to accept the Senate’s changes soon, possibly by next week. The governor would then have 60 days to sign or veto the bill.


Diane Ravitch responds to Deb Meier at Bridging Differences:

You are right to take issue with Brooks for treating the "miracle school" as a vindication of Joel Klein and Al Sharpton's Education Equality Project. EEP insists that schools alone—with no support from other institutions—can close the achievement gap. This is claptrap. The Broader Bolder Agenda (which we both signed) has steadfastly maintained that the gap won't close without addressing the need of children for improvements in health care and the well-being of their families. The Harlem Children's Zone was created to address these needs, and to place schooling in the context of families and communities.

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