Monday, December 1, 2008


Boston charter school teachers unionize

Boston Globe:

"We don't want to stand in the way of innovation, but it's important that it is done with teachers and not to teachers," said Tom Gosnell, the federation's state president. "Unionizing will enable these teachers to have a more persuasive voice in what is best educationally for their students. . . . I know the faculty there now likes the school a great deal, and they are interested in the school achieving and doing well."

James Zogby on Arab/Muslim bashing in ’08 campaign

Finally, toward the very end of the campaign, Republican Vice- Presidential candidate Sarah Palin attempted to smear Obama on the basis of his friendship with Rashid Khalidi, a distinguished Columbia University Professor who had once been a neighbor of Obama's in Chicago. Apparently, for Palin, the mere fact that Khalidi is Palestinian provided sufficient grounds to argue that Obama "consorted with terrorists and terrorist supporters."

Jackie Ancess on TFA’s political arm

Teach for America (TFA), which claims to be for equity in education, opposes education equity champion, Linda Darling-Hammond for Obama’s Secretary of Education and indeed, any role in the Obama administration! Why? In the words of TFA’s political arm, Leadership for Education Equity, Darling-Hammond’s appointment “COULD HAVE IMPLICATIONS FOR TFA!”

60’s SNCC photographer Danny Lyon on Obama’s victory

Victory, after forty six years.
This happened last night. This is for the children.
It is for the grand children. This is the victory
of the Movement. This is the victory of SNCC…

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