Friday, December 5, 2008

Brooks and the "reformers"

Conservative NYT columnist David Brooks, as usual, has his head stuck way up his behind. Writing about Obama's pick for ed secretary, Brooks labels Linda Darling-Hammond as the "establishment" choice and Klein/Duncan as "reformers." By reform, Brooks means No Child Left Behind.
Many of the reformist hopes now hang on Obama’s friend, Arne Duncan. In Chicago, he’s a successful reformer who has produced impressive results in a huge and historically troubled system. He has the political skills necessary to build a coalition on behalf of No Child Left Behind reauthorization.
Of course, Brooks also thought Bush/Cheney were reformers. So the question for Duncan (Klein already knows the answer) is why are these right-wingers so desperately praying for your appointment?


  1. Brooks' definition of "reform" and further characterization of various ideas as weak and strong: crazymaking, frustrating, etc. Thanks for saying this, Mike.

  2. It's interesting to see how real reform is being undermined from right and left. The right thinks it's impossible to reform a bureaucratic system. The left thinks any reform sets us up for vouchers and privatization.


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