Monday, February 18, 2013


Thousands rally in D.C. against Keystone XL pipeline (MANUEL BALCE CENETA/AP)
Evangeline Lilly
“I’m ashamed of what my country is doing. I’m ashamed we’re knocking on your door with dirty oil. I want to stand up here as a Canadian and say I’m sorry to the workers in Canada and the workers in America who have to go home and look their kids in the eye and know that they are damaging their future." -- Raw Story: Thousands protest Keystone XL pipeline in D.C.
Paul Krugman
For today’s Republican leaders clearly feel disdain for low-wage workers...: “takers,” members of the contemptible 47 percent who, as Mitt Romney said to nods of approval, won’t take responsibility for their own lives. ... NYT, "Raise That Wage"
Khalil Gibran Muhammad
“The truth is that when black folks started moving into places like Chicago over a hundred years ago, the rhetoric of crime, the stigma of shame, the trope of them being a dangerous newcomer to these communities was as virulent and as viral as it is today. The difference is that there used to be jobs, but, they don’t have work there anymore.” -- Melissa Harris-Perry Show
Alexia Garcia, Oregon H.S. student
 We see these standardized tests as an inaccurate depiction of student knowledge, they’re expensive and take time from real class time, they do not provide comprehensive feedback to teachers, and scores have an extremely high correlation with class and race. -- Answer Sheet: "Student ‘zombies’ protest standardized tests."

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