Friday, February 22, 2013

Mayor 2% and the freedom riders

All the corporate reformers, from Duncan to Rhee,  have been claiming that education is a civil rights issue. Turns out, they were right. Only they are the violators.

Here's the real freedom riders:
“We are here today to declare that school closings and displacing children primarily black and brown children is a civil rights issue,” said the Rev. Krista Alston, whose son attended Price until it closed. “It is a civil rights issue when children are denied the right to a quality education in their own neighborhood where they live.”
Rahm's wreck

Brother Fred art
Some are speculating that Rahm can kiss his 2016 White House aspirations goodbye. His ratings are in the toilet, according to Greg Hinz at Crain's. Daley left office when his ratings fell to around 30%. Rahm has now joined bed bugs, congressmen, and herpes, in the 2% club. The good news for Rahm's overstaffed PR Dept. is that no matter how many schools he closes, how obnoxious he gets, or how high the murder rate climbs, he still can only drop another 2 points.

I wonder if Byrd-Bennett is having second thoughts about her jump into Rahm's mess. I'll bet she thought she could just hold some community meetings, close a few hundred schools and then ride off to Washington with Rahm, a la Arne  and Barack. Sorry, BBB. You may be heading back to Detroit instead, after this train wreck.


  1. Sorry, not exactly on topic, but did you see this from Diane Ravitch's blog?

    I graduated from UChicago and always had a high opinion of NORC. No more. Of course, the Tribune has always had an axe to grind with teachers and unions, but I didn't think even they would stoop low enough to do Rahm's dirty campaigning for him.

  2. Good post. As I'd said before in Bro. Fred's blog, it would appear from recent photographs that the steadfast Chicago community coalition of parents, older students, community members and teachers are giving B3 ulcers. Perhaps the Waltons should not have paid for the hearings! Of course, that wouldn't dissuade the hearty Chicagoans from storming the fortress at 125!


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