Monday, December 2, 2019


Sen. Elizabeth Warren at Chicago's Broadway Armory

Sen. Elizabeth Warren 
 "Only in Chicago is the big Saturday night entertainment politics." -- Tribune
Mayor Pete Buttigieg hasn't got a clue
"I was slow to realize" South Bend schools were not integrated. -- Interview with Rev. William Barber
Alaina Hampton settles sexual harassment suit
““Since speaking out publicly nearly two years ago, we have seen positive changes in this state,” Hampton’s statement said. “The legislature has passed sweeping legislation to deal with sexual harassment, which achieves important gains — although there is still more to be done." -- Tribune
Ald. Daniel La Spata response to my blog post which called the passage of a $15 minimum wage by the City Council, a "big victory for Chicago workers."
"Of course that’s a win. One Chicago workers had already been struggling toward."
La Spata was one of the 11 aldermen who voted against passage.

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