Monday, November 27, 2017


Remembering Harold Washington, Chicago's first black mayor who died 30 years ago. 

Conrad Worrill
“It’s hurtful because that was a time when black people had come together in unity around a common purpose...And the personality of Harold Washington and his ability to communicate the desires of not only his own community, but the city as a whole, is the reason why his untimely death impacted the spirit of the black community.” -- Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell 
Rachel Weber, professor of Urban Planning at UIC
“Let’s hope, though, that CPS has some more creative ideas for how to deal with this problem than just radical surgery.” -- Will Chicago close another 50 schools? (WBEZ).
10-year-old Ronyde Christina Ponthieux
“We are not criminals. Like my parents, like your parents, like you, they are hardworking honest people who just want a safe place to raise their families.” -- Daily News
Charles Barkley, an Alabamian 
 “Roy Moore is running with Steve Bannon as his righthand man who is a white separatist. I’m not even going to get into the women stuff. But the guy, how can you be a white separatist and represent all the constituents in your state?" -- Guardian
 Democratic political strategist Phil Singer
But overall it's a weak [Democratic] field, “You have a bunch of Celine Dions but there’s no Beatles." -- Yahoo News

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